Here are the iPhone apps and games now free … For a short duration !

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Find here every day a summary of the best recently free iPhone apps hand-picked for you by staff. And when we find some good deals, we also mention top apps currently on sale. You can also follow us on twitter or Facebook and by mail :

Best iPhone apps deals

  • Risk : 2.99 -> $1.99

Recently free iPhone and iPod Touch apps :

Important note : please, be carefull, all the apps mentionned below were free when we wrote this post, their price may have changed depending when you read this so always check the price before downloading from the App Store ! We won’t be held responsible for any mistake since … You are the one hitting the button 😉

  • PicItEasy : Take a picture without touching the screen or use the anti-shake. Send to dropbox and apply labels to organize your camera roll.
  • Dring : handcrafted interface to customize and create your own ringtones directly on your iPhone. You can of course select the song of your choice or use the microphone feature to create your own recordings
  • LiveFace – the photo animator : photo-editing program that helps you to create animated picture with your still photos. LiveFace allows you to save as GIF, MP4, SWF, and JPG or share them through e-mails , ranked 5 stars on the US App Store
  • Do it (Tomorrow) : Planning out your entire week is a bummer – Do It (Tomorrow) lets you give yourself reminders for today, but makes it really easy to push things off to tomorrow.
  • Sneek : automatic video recording surveillance tool

  • Altimètre+ : This Altimeter determines the height using a digital elevation model. ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer). Alternatively, you can also only use GPS for height determination. The GPS altitude is less accurate.
  • enso Writer : minimalist writing, Upload your documents to Dropbox, Evernote or Tumblr, for iPhone and iPad

Recently free iPhone and iPod touch games :

  • Magic Pen I : Collect the flags with the little red ball to complete a level. Move the red ball by drawing objects and pushing it around , ranked 4 stars on the US App Store, for iPhone and iPad

free iPhone app Magic Pen I

free iPhone app Unstoppable Fist

  • Buggy Dash : The goal in Buggy Dash is to drive, leap, and dash on mountain tops at a high rate of speed

free iPhone app Buggy Dash

  • Space Fart : Using flatulence as a means of interplanetary travel, you start off on a distant planet and try to make your way back home where your family and friends are waiting for you

free iPhone app Space Fart

and a few other games :

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