Wishing you an … AppiDay

All the small but motivated team behind the AppiDay websites (AppiDay.co.uk, AppiDay.com) is just incredibly happy to welcome you on our pages !

We’re here to provide you, everyday, a simple thing … This is just an … Happy Day !

Yes, that’s our mission and for that we will just post every day saturday and sundays included, lists of the iPhone and iPad applications that are free or discounted during a few days.

Well, that’s great but there are plenty of similar services, why do I need another one ? Just because of the work we put in our lists. This is not an automated list but a long and deep research amongst hundreds of applications beeing free tempoarily to find the best ones.

Yes, we curate for you 😉

So just take time to come, visit, look, try the apps and enjoy your AppiDay !

This is day 0 for us, we’ll open officially in a few days, but you’re already welcome !

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