Recently free iPhone Apps : Jotter (Handwriting Notepad), Doodle Devil, Puzzle Bubble Pro, Super Sheep Tap, …

Find here every day a summary of the best recently free iPhone apps hand-picked for you by staff. And when we find some good deals, we also mention top apps currently on sale.

Best iPhone deals

Inotia 3: Children of Carnia : 4.99 -> $.99 for iPhone and iPad

Need for Speed Shift : 2.99 -> $.99

Game Dev Story : 2.99 -> $.99

DOFUS : Battles : 2.99 -> $.99

Recently free iPhone and iPod Touch apps :

Important note : please, be carefull, all the apps mentionned below were free when we wrote this post, their price may have changed depending when you read this so always check the price before downloading from the App Store ! We won’t be responsible for any mistake since … It ‘s you who push the button 😉

  • Sizer : Sizer application can help you to choose the right size of clothes in the U.S., Europe, the U.K., Japan or Russia.

  • Graph It : Finally a user-friendly graphing calculator for iPhone and iPod Touch, with all the features you’ve been looking for

Recently free iPhone and iPod touch games :

  • Doodle Devil : You’ve already created a whole Universe from the four basic elements and you don’t know what to do next? Destroy everything to the ground! Discover the seven deadly sins and there will be no coming back for you! Try to combine elements and invent murder, death, demons, beasts, zombies… which will destroy everything. , ranked 4,5 stars on the US App Store

free iPhone app Doodle Devil
  • Puzzle Bubble Pro : There was one type of magic ball that stored in lots of magic crystal. The small animals that want the magic crystal had stepping into the breach. But they are short of hands. So they called a aid to you. Just join with them, can help the cute animals collect the magic crystal.

free iPhone app Puzzle Bubble Pro
  • Super Sheep Tap : Are you used to counting sheep jumping over a fence to fall
    asleep? Things got different in Super Sheep Tap. Well, you’ll still have sheep, fence and grassland here, but you’d better get ready for the sheep rush!

free iPhone app Super Sheep Tap
  • EggRollin : Use the accelerometer controls to roll your Marutama egg from platform to platform collecting energy beads. Use the tap function to bounce your Marutama onto higher levels and avoid obstacles. Roll, bounce, balance, fling and slide your way through 72 challenging levels across 4 unique environments- each providing a different gameplay mechanic. , ranked 4 stars on the US App Store

free iPhone app EggRollin
  • The Flight of Flo Flo : Play as Flo Flo, the cheeky little demon. Wreak havoc through the heavens, rip into unsuspecting angels and seize trophies to win back his Daddy’s love! , ranked 4,5 stars on the US App Store

free iPhone app The Flight of Flo Flo
  • Meon : In this puzzle game, you must solve more than 120 levels to free Meons. Use Prism, Splitter and other various tools to light all the Meons and solve the Light Quest! , ranked 4,5 stars on the US App Store

free iPhone app Meon

and a few other games :

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