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Find here every day a summary of the best recently free iPhone apps hand-picked for you by staff. And when we find some good deals, we also mention top apps currently on sale.

Best iPhone deals

  • Tiny Heroes : 2.99 -> $.99 , ranked 4,5 stars on the US App Store

Recently free iPhone and iPod Touch apps :

Important note : please, be carefull, all the apps mentionned below were free when we wrote this post, their price may have changed depending when you read this so always check the price before downloading from the App Store ! We won’t be held responsible for any mistake since … You are the one hitting the button 😉

  • Whiteboard HD: Internet Collaboration : Whiteboard offers real-time collaborative picture creation. Connect with any iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Mac over Wi-Fi, and discover what happens when the fingers of two minds work together., for iPhone and iPad

  • SQUARE ENIX CHARACTERS MAIL : This application comes with pre-installed emoticons, so you can start sending decorative mail right away. , ranked 4 stars on the US App Store

  • Photo Annotate : Photo Annotate allows you to annotate your images with text and audio then share them via e-mail and Facebook. Perfect for personal or business use, this app makes instruction easy and preserves your most precious memories. , ranked 4 stars on the US App Store

  • FACE-LOOK : FACE-LOOK is a photo sticker application which allow you to design your own photo flexibly. You can draw/stamp/tag whatever you like on top of your photo. The image library is not limited to those embedded. You can capture your favor image from Internet or iphone’s camera. , ranked 4 stars on the US App Store

  • Nebulous Notes (for Dropbox) : Nebulous Notes is a powerful, yet simple, text editor for note-takers, writers, and coders. Your notes are backed up and available from Dropbox, the best back-up service in the world. Free accounts on Dropbox come with 2GB of space, enough to store 500 copies of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace., for iPhone and iPad

  • KeBouquet! : KeBouquet is a great solution to make a good impression on special events without spending a lot of money :-), for iPhone and iPad

Recently free iPhone and iPod touch games :

  • Undead: in the last refuge : The coming of the Apocalypse had been announced for centuries, so we were not to know that it was so close. The dead have risen from the ground and destroyed everything in their path. You have managed to survive until now, but you are alone and cut off… How long will you be able to survive?

free iPhone app Undead: in the last refuge
  • Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior : A masterpiece of the 3D martial arts genre, the game is developed using motion-capture technology and features players fighting in historical locations around the world in an attempt to become the Master of Martial Arts and honor Bruce Lee’s legacy. , ranked 4 stars on the US App Store

free iPhone app Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior
  • Squishy Fruit : Why stop at squishing fruit? Worms and Flies also pose a threat, so they must be squished too! Leave them alone for too long and they will show you their displeasure and smash your screen. , ranked 4 stars on the US App Store, for iPhone and iPad

free iPhone app Squishy Fruit
  • Smashteroid : Drag or flick your asteroids straight into those pesky, cowardly ships and show humankind a thing or two about vengeance. Asteroids won’t be the only source of debris after you’ve smashed, crushed, whomped, and walloped those pathetic little invasion fleets. , ranked 4,5 stars on the US App Store, for iPhone and iPad

free iPhone app Smashteroid
  • BridgeGetGap : Avast! Cap’n Sneer an’ the Pirates o’ The Buccaneer Keys be stagin’ an expedition in search o’ treasure, and if th’ shiny gold what’s turned their heads is to be theirs, ‘t’ll be thanks to yer help, matey. Test yer wits with a whole slew o’ mind-bendin’ puzzles; face-off against swarthy scallawags standin’ between ye and yer loot. Ya need only get from one end o’ the stage to the other: simple? Hardly! , ranked 5 stars on the US App Store

free iPhone app BridgeGetGap
  • Wedding Dash : Plan ultimate dream weddings for picky brides and grooms! Help Quinn launch her fledgling wedding planning business, starting with simple backyard weddings an advancing to elegant ballroom receptions. Choose all the details, manage comical disasters, and keep guests happy – or risk the wrath of Bridezilla! , ranked 4,5 stars on the US App Store

free iPhone app Wedding Dash
  • Cooking Dash : Cooking Dash delivers fast-paced, addicting fun that is optimized for playing on-the-go. Keep customers happy by prepping everything from burgers and fries to sushi and dumplings. Tap and slide to seat customers, serve up hot dishes, and collect big tips! Help our heroine Flo keep five DinerTown restaurants up and running… if you can stand the heat , ranked 4,5 stars on the US App Store

free iPhone app Cooking Dash

and a few other games :

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